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Automated Milking Parlors
The Automated Milking Parlors are made available by us in various types and designs as per the need. They increase the labor efficiency, provide ergonomic advantages, and reduce the risk of injury, both traumatic and repetitive stress-related.
Barn Equipment
We are offering here the various types of Barn Equipment for use in a number of barns. These equipments have been developed by keeping in mind the need of the various industries and farm places. They are very useful.
Dairy Farm Shed
The Dairy Farm Shed is very useful and made available by us is a place for the cows to relax and sleep during the night. Each cow has their own place in the resting area, called cubicle.
Milking Parlor
A Milking Parlor is an isolated room or separate building to which cows kept on a loose-housing system are taken for milking. Cows may also be milked in their housing area using bucket milkers. They are available in various types.
Teat Dip Cups
The Teat Dip Cups are used to separate liquids and solutions for sterilizing the nipples of the cows. It is used for washed away the udder after milking. It has been designed with the safety and health of the animal.
Cow Mats
We are supplying here the Cow Mats that help provide footing in slippery areas, reducing injury and stress for cattle, and reduce bedding expenses. The mats are interlocking and provide a continuous cattle-friendly surface. They are available in various types.
Portable Milking Machines
The Portable Milking Machines are equipment devices that are used to extract milk from animals - most commonly cows, goats, sheep and buffalo. It is designed to simulate natural milking so that your cows won’t end up feeling uncomfortable.
Dairy Fans
There are various types of Dairy Fans offered by us for use in the various commercial farms and dairies. The fans are easy to install and made by keeping in mind the comfort of the cows and other animals.
Cow Tracking Pedometer
A Cow Tracking Pedometer is an appliance that comprises a device fitted on the necks of cows and an antenna that collects signals transmitted by the latter. The offered pedometer is very efficient and easy to use.
Dairy Fogging System
Offered high quality Dairy Fogging System that is used in dairy farm to increase the milk production capacity of cattle. It is used to cool and reduce heat stress in dairy cows. It is used in various places.
Calf Feeding Bottle
The offered Calf Feeding Bottle is used for feeding calves that are usually bottle-fed because they are too young to train. The nipple of a bottle resembles the teat of a mother cow. They are available in various types.

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